RadarMe is the app you must have in order to be on-line with your network. RadarMe is a location based app with chat and contact enhancements. The app is offered in free-of-charge variant, in-app enabled.

The application is a simple yet very easy way to get, stay and enjoy being in contact with people you don't know or peaople part of your own group(s).

A radar-based screen offers you a real-time map of users having their info details activated and self-declared as visible.

The screening area is adjustable and the user can interact with a flexible environment where to find people. The information is offering distances only and no certain location. In this way privacy is maintained. GPS is also enabled, so the accuracy can be enhanced once GPS is turned ON by the user.

When in Map View the user can move "himself" anywhere in this World and search within the same ranges as in the radar view for users and potential/existing friends.

The app offers 5 enhancements the user can benefit from, therefore pay for. Any of these enhancements purchased brings the ad-free version.